Changes in Harlem

By BRG Agent Rick Hernandez

Isn’t it amazing how much people can change with the passing of time?  The same can be said of neighborhoods!  I’m Rick Hernandez and I have been a Harlem resident for twenty-three years. 

When I graduated from college … Read the rest


Bohemians in at Urban Garden Center in East Harlem

The East Harlem Harvest Festival pops up on Sunday October 27th at the Urban Garden Center and La Marqueta Space on 116th and Park Ave.  It's a gathering of over 50 local businesses and artists and Bohemia Realty Group is … Read the rest


Vinateria’s The Basilisk

By BRG Agent Stephanie Cammarata

I have to admit, when it's time to enjoy a cocktail with friends, I'm a bourbon fan. While I know it isn't on everyone's list, I think many would be surprised by the superbly delicious … Read the rest


Appreciating “Harlem”: A BRG Poetry Analysis

By BRG Agent Neal Tucker 


As anyone working at Bohemia knows, Harlem is a great place to live and a place which many of our agents call home. While most of us might also know that Harlem is a … Read the rest