Harlem Restaurant Review: La Grange. Five Stars!

by Bohemia Agent Christopher Tefft

Just the other day I went on a date to La Grange – a new neighborhood bar and eatery located on 141st and Amsterdam. I’m an easy-going fellow when it comes to what to have for … Read the rest


Why I Love Being An Agent!

by Bohemia Agent Brian Letendre

I started my adult life off as a professional dancer and that was pretty much all I knew. It wasn’t until I attended a Christmas party while bored and injured I even considered a career in, … Read the rest


Did That Just Happen?

by Bohemia Agent Brian Collier   Life as a real estate agent in Harlem is full of great places, great people, amazing food, and certainly its share of adventure. "Adventure" is a very kind word for it. You never know… Read the rest

Washington Heights is Booming!

by Bohemia Agent Brad Lassiter

It’s a strange feeling when you are moving in the city and have no idea where to go. Do you spend more in rent and get a smaller apartment in exchange for being further downtown? … Read the rest


Trinity Church Cemetery’s Elusive Black History

by Bohemia Agent Andrew Ding

Trinity Church Cemetery, a bucolic swatch on the cusp of Harlem, is a deceptively rich canvas of black history. Its once-distinct “Colored Ground” has long vanished over time, yet the grounds still possess a hidden narrative of … Read the rest


Kismet Encounters!

by Bohemia Agent Beth Gittleman


New York City is always a balancing act!  Echoing the artistic culture of Bohemia Realty Group, I am also a realtor with an additional career in the theater.  When I started my career as … Read the rest