I Was There: 253 West 125th Street (The Apollo Theater)

By Bohemia Agent Jhana Weekes

I chose to move to New York City because as practical as I am, I do believe in dreams and magic.  But once I got here, I put my head down and became consumed with … Read the rest


Take a Step Back into History in the Heights

By Bohemia Agent Jessica Wagner

  One of uptown's many hidden gems is the Morris Jumel Mansion. I'd like to take a guess that more than half of New Yorkers have never been here, nor  heard of it! The summer… Read the rest

St. Nicholas Park

By Bohemia Agent Jessica Lyn Heinrichs

In NYC, the concrete jungle, many assume that you need to be clever to find the small bits of greenery hidden in a wealth of shop fronts and ever growing apartment buildings. As the … Read the rest


A Journey Uptown

By Bohemia Agent Jeremiah Wiggins

My very first visit to Harlem was in the Spring 1998. I was an MFA student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts studying acting and was taking a class called the Culture of Style, sort of … Read the rest


Would You Like to Own a Home Someday?

By Bohemia Agent Kim Pettiford

I know you thought about it; being a homeowner. The American Dream. Well what’s stopping you? Is it because you think you don't qualify? The idea of owning a home can produce hopeful deliberation and … Read the rest