Artists of Harlem Past

By Bohemia Agent Jenny Taher

Walking around Harlem with its wide boulevards, pre-war buildings a mixture of ornate beauty that recalls Paris inspires romantic nostalgia of eras gone by.  Thinking of all the artists that sought refuge above 110th to … Read the rest


Corbin Hill Food Project

By Bohemia Agent Michael Brusasco

“Two more bites of broccoli please, and then you can go back outside.” my mother would sternly command.  Itching to get back to my neighborhood game of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, always), I would … Read the rest


Magic at Minton’s!

By Bohemia Agent Melanie Stringer

Have you heard? The rich history of the Harlem music scene is not something to pass over! Minton's Playhouse is no exception.


Harlem was the epicenter of jazz and big band culture in the … Read the rest


Walk Your Horses

By Bohemia Agent Matthew Murumba

As a real estate agent you meet clients with all sorts of unique requirements. If you have a horse in tow, you’re search has probably been a challenge…but search no further…I’ve got you covered.   … Read the rest

The First Sugar Hill: Hamilton Grange

By Bohemia Agent Matthew Green

Originally perched a top his sprawling 32 acre Harlem estate, Alexander Hamilton referred to The Grange as his “Sweet Home”.

Over the past Holiday weekend I had family in town and it’s always hard to … Read the rest