Uptown Magic!

By Bohemia Agent Dacyl Acevedo

I’ve read some of the blogs where other agents talk about what Upper Manhattan means to them. I guess this is one of those. I find myself previewing, walking through the Upper Manhattan neighborhoods with … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: Getting that darn security deposit back!

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Have you heard your friend’s horror stories of not getting their security deposits back? Unfortunately a lot of New Yorkers struggle with this after a big move. A lot of the time this is TOTALLY … Read the rest


A Little Reminder of Home

By Bohemia Agent Corey Wright

New York City, 8 million people, with 8 million stories. It’s inevitable that at some point in a conversation with new friends, co-workers or the “Norm!” of a local watering hole holding down the corner of … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: She laughed, she cried. She moved in NYC.

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Moving. A word New Yorkers dread almost as much as “bed bugs”. It’s stressful, expensive and in the summer…sweaty. As I spent the summer finding my clients their dream homes, I was also on the … Read the rest


The Jeffrey Hook Lighthouse

By Bohemia Agent Christopher Tefft

Growing up, my home was filled with lighthouses. Not the full sized ones, mind you, but delicate replicas of these grand monuments. Instead of Precious Moments, my mother loves to collect paintings, wind-chimes, knick-knacks, and … Read the rest


Football Season

By Bohemia Agent Christopher Breedwell

Labor Day weekend has passed and we all hate to see summer go… BUT… we now get to enjoy FOOTBALL season!!

The 2015 NFL season, the 96th season in the history of the National Football LeagueRead the rest