Posted on May 21st,2012

By Ed Lane

I just recently moved to a beautiful section of historically rich Washington Heights. I got a great deal on a one bedroom apartment for myself and my beautiful daughter through the best company in the business, Bohemia Realty Group (I’m biased). Lots of space for her to run around the house, the building is brimming with other children her age, she and I can finally get a puppy and the parks are plentiful and all within walking distance of my new said palace. In short, we are VERY happy. There is only one small issue…most of my neighbors speak Spanish, and I do not. They speak English too, but for the most part they seem to feel most comfortable speaking in their native tongue, which is completely understandable – unless you’re me, and you actually can’t understand much Spanish.  Besides knowing how to say “Thank You” (Gracias!), I am a complete dunderhead when it comes to the Spanish language. My first few days of going to the market or ordering in or asking where the best laundromat is located was, to be perfectly honest…intimidating. I began to branch out and ask my friends who speak the language to give me some simple phrases.  As you may have guessed, I was laughed at often.

SO…I’ve decided, since most of my neighbors are bilingual -and because what I had learned in high school 150 years ago has totally fallen by the wayside – to take Spanish classes. Do I have to? No, absolutely not. Do I want to? Yes. Although the language barrier was never a deal breaker it was, and still is, a bit overwhelming. I have taken it upon myself to learn (or try my damnedest) a new language. The way I figure it, there is no better time than now since I can go to class and then become completely immersed in it. My future blogs should be very interesting as I take you on my journey into the education of the language. Wish me suerte! (That means luck in Spanish…I think.)


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