A Walk in the Park
Posted on November 24th,2014

By Bohemia Agent Matthew Kiernan


Last year, I went on a summer gig to perform in New Mexico with the Sante Fe Opera. It turned out to be one of the greatest vacations (albeit for work… felt more like vaca!) I have ever taken. Not only was it artistically so fulfilling, but personally, because a month into my trip… I met this guy!

… everyone meet Bosie! (Yeah, I named him after the role I was playing… don’t judge.)

Bringing a stray puppy from the High Desert back to the Concrete Jungle proved a little more challenging than I thought for one main reason. Space! A German Shepard/ Austrailan Cattle mix, Bosie can RUN, and finding him a place to do just that became my mission!

Luckily, here in Upper Manhattan we have so many gorgeous parks and open green spaces, and also, many amazing Dog runs!!!!

To all my dog owners/ lovers/ generally dog-obsessed out there…. This is for you!

Here are my top five… well… Bosie’s top five!


105th St. Dog Run

This is a great neighborhood dog run. It's well maintained and the park is really quite nice. The park is quite large compared to some other dog parks in NYC, and it has a separate area for small dogs. There is a drinking fountain with a hose for the dogs to quench their thirst, and a little pool, which Bosie is generally terrified of! Haha.

The park is well taken care of by numerous volunteers who work to keep it nice.


Jay Hood Wright Dog park

They have a water fountain for dogs AND humans. It’s a good sized dog park with 8 benches to sit on with three of them being under the shade. They have disposal bags so you don't have to bring your own. Also, they have coffee and donuts on Saturdays at 9am sponsored by a local pet store around 181st and Bennett I believe. Good Morning!!!!!!


Sir Williams Dog Run

I made a trip up to Inwood recently and was so happy to discover this amazing dog run! It’s very close to the playground near Broadway and Dyckman…. kind of up a little hill and you can't miss it!

There are always a lot of dogs here having the time of their lives. Little dogs sitting on the picnic benches, huge dogs tearing up the dirt chasing balls, a separate grassy area for loners who want to roll around in the weeds… It’s got everything!

Check out their website ftdog.org to see some of their "member pups". I'll be taking Bosie here quite a bit- especially in the spring!


St. Nicholas Dog Run

Beautiful, sloped, unique dog run in Harlem. The humans and dogs alike are friendly. There's plenty of space for the dogs to run and ample seating, including natural rock formations, for humans to sit. LOTS of shade. There's no fountain, so don't forget portable bowls and a bottle of water. I assumed that dog owners should have a bag spool clipped to their leash at all times, so the lack of bags wasn't surprising or a problem to me, but apparently it is to some. It’s a great park, especially during the summer months!


Morningside Park Dog Run

My brother and I love this one. He lives in the neighborhood, and has two French Bulldogs! Watching the 3 of them tire each other out running around Morningside Park is the best! The people are easy to talk to and the dogs are playful and I didn't have to worry about any of the other pups getting too aggressive.

Remember… All it takes is one spunky dog paired with an aloof or absent owner to disturb a dog park's energy. Luckily, if it gets to crowded, there is so much more park all around you, so you can still get that long walk in! 


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