Amsterdam’s “Restaurant Block” Welcomes a New Friend!
Posted on June 8th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Tucker Wheatleyserafina

If you've ever found yourself on Amsterdam Avenue by the very top of Morningside Park, you've probably come across this wonderful block of GREAT restaurants between 122nd and 123rd. If you've never been, go try one of these gems! The block just welcomed the Northern Italian cuisine spot, Serafina, a high-end restaurant chain. With 7 other locations in Midtown, this is the company's first venture above Central Park. The prices are definitely higher than surrounding go-to's, but since their grand opening a few weeks ago, people have been flooding in for some great Italian food and drinks in a contemporary and urban setting. They have an extensive menu with great pastas and wood-fired oven pizzas!


On the opposite side of the block, is another AMAZING Italian restaurant with a completely different feel. Max Soha has been in the neighborhood for awhile now, and they serve up amazing pastas. My roommate and I go about once a week! This restaurant has a more rustic and cozy feel, like you're at a small cafe in Italy. They always have several daily specials that are always changing and very unique- so I always recommend to go for one of those! Max also owns another great spot on this block, Max Cafe, a go-to cafe for Columbia students to get some work done in a really unique space with comfy mismatched sofas and chairs. Great place to get a light lunch and an iced chai tea or cappuccino. 
Toast Chicken, and Kitchenette round up the remaining restaurants on this Amsterdam block. Toast Chicken serves up naturally-raised chicken as their signature dish, either fried or served rotisserie style. They also have great beer and homemade donuts and milkshakes. Kitchenette is the complete opposite, with a pink and blue polk-a-dot awning, you can't miss it! This is a great southern style diner that you'll want to go to for brunch. The decor is very cute with bright colors and polk-a-dots everywhere, but they sure know how to serve a great southern breakfast! And on your way out grab a home-baked pie or cookie from their pastry cabinet!! 

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