Posted on July 30th,2012

by Mike Engstrom

Ever wonder what Manhattan may have been like years ago, before streets & stoplights, buildings, and people everywhere?  A gander through upper Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park may give you a closer glimpse into the isle of old.  Fort Tryon is home to fantastic natural scenery, beautiful heather gardens, amazing views, The Cloisters Museum, and more.  If you’re looking for an easy afternoon getaway, look no further than Fort Tryon Park.  Take a break from the hustle-bustle and explore one of Manhattan’s great natural treasures.

On a July afternoon I set out on an adventure through the park – check out what I found!

Fort Tryon is easily accessible by subway – A train to 190th Street takes you to the southern end near the Heather Gardens.  1 stop more on the A to Dyckman Street lets off at the north end of the park near the Cloisters.  Alternatively, if you’re driving, it is also very easy – Henry Hudson Parkway to the Fort Tryon / Cloisters exit.

So you may ask, “The Cloisters?”  Yes, believe it or not Fort Tryon is home to a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Cloisters museum and gardens on the northern end of Fort Tryon Park.  Constructed from actual medieval cloisters from France, The Cloisters museum is home to more than three thousand works of art from medieval Europe, dating from about the ninth to the sixteenth century.  Enjoy the pictures below.  For more information and to plan your visit, go to












Continuing south down the path from the Cloisters museum toward the Heather Gardens, feast your eyes on breathtaking Hudson River views:








What better place for an afternoon/evening picnic overlooking the Hudson River at sunset?  Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous Heather Gardens:








And as a perfect round-out the day, make sure to stop by Fort Tryon’s New Leaf Café.  It is a fabulous place to grab a quick drink at the bar or stay for dinner.  Atmosphere is unmatched and menu is extensive, offering plenty of incredible dishes and drinks moderately priced.  For additional info, check out:

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