At the Wallace!
Posted on August 11th,2014

By Bohemia Agent Joshua Hinkson


I was skeptical about At the Wallace when I first heard about it several months ago.  I mean Harlem Public was already there so who needs another bar right next door.  I was hoping for a place that makes great West Coast style fish tacos (I am not from the West Coast but their fish tacos are just superior).  But fine another bar it is; cocktails, I don’t mind.

The week of the opening, I called my best friend who lives across the street, and he was At the Wallace every time I called.  I was upset and also intrigued to see what was so special about this bar that had taken my best friend away from me, so I went the next night best friend in tow.  It seemed unremarkable from the outside really.  Another bar with a photo booth and random furniture that makes the room feel aged in a good way, I’ve been to other bars that were just the same.  But after I got cozy, I realized that At the Wallace would be a new watering hole to call home for several reasons. 

#1 – Pabst Blue Ribbon on draft! 

Yes it’s a bit low brow with all the craft beer going around but I just don’t care.

#2 – Frosty mugs, a small and a large one. 

My beer was ice cold start to finish and that made me happy.

#3 – Price.

The prices are way beyond reasonable. My large PBR was a whopping seven bucks.

#4 – Super sized Jenga. 

Yes indeed there is a huge Jenga in the back that you can play with friends.  I particularly enjoyed this because I HATE Jenga and destroying the tower for no reason brings me great joy.

#5 – Photo Booth. 

I know many bars have photo booths, but At the Wallace allows you to staple a copy of your photo to the wall.  When you go, look for my photo, it’s STUNNING!

#6 – Whiteboard Walls in the bathroom.

By my third PBR I was in the bathroom with colored markers at my disposal to leave the phone number of a former enemy for everyone to call if they were looking for a good time. :)

#7 – Pub Grub.

Finally, the word on the street is that there will be grilled cheese sammies and hot dogs served once At the Wallace is fully operational.  We all need nourishment.


Fine, I yield, I LOVE At the Wallace, kudos to Lauren (the owner) for bringing something else fun to Hamilton Heights.  Get there before the buzz spreads wide and no one can find your photo on the wall!


At the Wallace

3612 Broadway @ 149th

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