Ham Heights (130th to 150th Street)

The Sweet Tooth Chronicles

The Sweet Tooth Chronicles

By Bohemia Agent Jill Ginsberg

A little nugget of wisdom: anyone who doesn’t like sweets can’t be trusted. Period. I believe in sugar. I stand by it. In moderation of course, and not the crappy sugar. I believe in sugar … Read the rest


Uptown Year-round: The Beauty of Manhattan’s Crown

By Bohemia Agent Erin Whitney

Out with the old, on with the new!

2016 is nearly upon us! In only a few more days we'll be crashing new gyms, making new promises, and – don't forget! – pinning up new … Read the rest


Common Real Estate Questions Revealed

By Bohemia Agent Daoud Heidami

Finding the right apartment can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared.  That’s where I come in!  Here is a list of some questions I’ve received throughout my real estate career.  Knowledge is power especially when … Read the rest


SIZE DOESN’T MATTER: Throw an UNFORGETTABLE holiday party in your Uptown apartment

By Bohemia Agent Don Burroughs

Don’t shy away from hosting a fabulous holiday soiree just because your square footage rivals the number of guests you can invite. Here are a few tips to make it SWING!!

1. Think of your … Read the rest


Myth Buster: The No Fee Apartment

By Bohemia Agent David McDaniel


  MYTH: You CAN’T use a real estate agent to find a No Fee Apartment. 

FACT: You Definitely CAN work with a real estate agent to find a No Fee Apartment. In fact, in … Read the rest


Come to the Circus!

By Bohemia Agent David Ellis

The circus is in town! Big Apple Circus is once again under the Big Top at Lincoln Center until January. I was lucky enough to take my family to the show on Halloween.  When someone … Read the rest


Hidden Gems of Uptown

By Bohemia Agent Darrell Purcell

I am a North Carolina boy, born and bred. North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful marvels of nature that I personally have ever seen. I find that by being raised there, … Read the rest


The Best ‘Hoods in Town

By Bohemia Agent Daphne Sun

And this is where I daresay: Uptown Manhattan!

Of course I'm being biased – I live and work Uptown. Duh.   But here's the advantage: Being naturally curious, I just had to check out all… Read the rest

HOW TO BE A GOOD CLIENT (So You Can Get What You Want)

By Bohemia Agent Emily Ackerman

So many articles out there are focused on how to find a good broker to assist you with your real estate needs. You want someone who listens to you, responds quickly, and does what they … Read the rest


INSURENT: Another way to qualify for your very own lease!

By Bohemia Agent Dan Cohen

Look, we totally get it. Renting an apartment in NYC can be a royal pain. Finding an apartment you want to call home, in a neighborhood where you enjoy spending time, in a building that … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: Getting that darn security deposit back!

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Have you heard your friend’s horror stories of not getting their security deposits back? Unfortunately a lot of New Yorkers struggle with this after a big move. A lot of the time this is TOTALLY … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: She laughed, she cried. She moved in NYC.

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Moving. A word New Yorkers dread almost as much as “bed bugs”. It’s stressful, expensive and in the summer…sweaty. As I spent the summer finding my clients their dream homes, I was also on the … Read the rest


5 Moving Tips to Help your Cat Adjust to your New Apartment

By Bohemia Agent Christine Scharf

Moving is a stressful experience for people, but it can actually be twice as stressful for our feline friends. Cats are territorial animals and use scent glands on their paws and face to mark their … Read the rest


Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week!

By Bohemia Agent Chad Ackerman

It's Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week! Put on by Harlem Park to Park, an organization committed to preserving culture and to promoting small businesses and community development in Central Harlem!

It starts this Saturday August… Read the rest

Brian’s Nerdy Insights: Why pay the broker fee?

By Bohemia Agent Brian Letendre

Being that I’ve worked in real estate for several years now, the fee discussion has become very native to me.  It’s rare that a client of mine actually has all the information and only when … Read the rest


A photo tour of some of the great parks above 145th Street

By Bohemia Agent Brad Lassiter

With all of the city living, it's easy to forget just how much nature there is around us. Downtown it's Central Park or bust, but when you come to upper Manhattan, you have choice after… Read the rest

NO FEE Professional Service For Apartment Buyers

By Bohemia Agent Tim Heath

Being a real estate agent is a fitting career choice for people that embrace helping others. Spring/summer is the busiest season for apartment sales, so the rapidly flowing NYC marketplace is active with buyers and … Read the rest


Moving On Up But Still Keeping the Budget Down

By Bohemia Agent Tarrie Alexis

When I moved to New York almost 10 years ago from my hometown in New Orleans, I knew this city was expensive, but I was going to make it work. That meant moving to Brooklyn … Read the rest


New Kids On The Block

By Bohemia Agent Shanna Sharp

Oh-oh-ohohoh oh-oh-ohoh oh-oh-ohohoh….the right stuff!

Ok so it’s not Joey Mcintyre or Donnie Wahlberg but Uptown has it’s own new kids on the block…. and they are tasty. 

Photo Courtesy of NY Eater

First up,… Read the rest

Eat, Play, Latte: One Man’s Search for Everything Across Sugar Hill, Hamilton Heights and Central Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Shaun Crossman

Sugar Hill is not just a delicious blonde ale made by Harlem Brewery, its also a beautiful and historic neighborhood between Central Harlem and Hamilton Heights. I was first introduced to the Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill area … Read the rest


Not One Dime

By Bohemia Agent Shane Phillips

Looking to explore Harlem? Whether you are a resident or simply visiting; below is a list of Harlem attractions that are worth visiting and will cost you ‘Not One Dime’. The majority of these sites … Read the rest


Uptown Manhattan – Your Best Bet For an Escape

By Bohemia Agent Sean Garner

As a California boy at heart, the hardest part about living in NYC– for me– has been finding a place I call home that allows me to have a fair amount of peace and quiet. … Read the rest


Uptown Funk

By Bohemia Agent Sam Quiggins

Harlem is no stranger when it comes to New York City's music scene. With staples such as the Apollo Theater and Minton's Jazz Club, it has long been revered for its "uptown funk". Today Harlem's night … Read the rest


Even Undies Lived “The Sweet Life” on Sugar Hill

By Bohemia Agent Raphael Fetta

Last weekend I was out showing some sales properties to a client, and we happened to go look at a unit in a building I’d been to a couple times, but had never given much … Read the rest


Harlem Is My Haven

By Bohemia Agent Rachel Izen

Four years ago I knew that I was going to make New York my home. Having only visited as a tourist on many occasions I asked trusted friends and colleagues their advice as to where … Read the rest