Morn Heights (West of Morningside Park)

St. Nicholas Park

By Bohemia Agent Jessica Lyn Heinrichs

In NYC, the concrete jungle, many assume that you need to be clever to find the small bits of greenery hidden in a wealth of shop fronts and ever growing apartment buildings. As the … Read the rest


A Weekend Stroll Up Lenox Ave

By Bohemia Agent Jeff Green

With the weather warming up and summer underway, weekend’s are a great time for families and individuals alike to take in all Lenox Ave has to offer.

Lenox Avenue between 117th and 130th offers a … Read the rest



By Bohemia Agent Hollybeth Plowman

New York City amazes me everyday!

From the people to the size of the rats and roaches. And of course the Real Estate. It is fascinating that people will pay $3000 a month to live in … Read the rest


Writings On The Wall: Kings of Style

By Bohemia Agent Erick Otchere


"What'd you do last night?" / "We did umm, two whole cars / It was me, Dez, and Main Three right? / And on the first car in small letters it said / 'All … Read the rest


Spring into Northern Central Park!

by Bohemia Agent David Ellis

After the long winter, New Yorkers are excited about the warmer weather, especially if they have kids. The bitter cold and snow kept my almost 3-year-old daughter (and many of her friends) inside an apartment … Read the rest


Uptown Keeps Getting Hotter and Hotter – Weather Soon to Follow?

by Bohemia Agent Dan Cohen

As many of you who read these blogs already know, upper Manhattan, especially on the west side, is exploding with new businesses and opportunities to experience all the incredible options NYC has to offer in terms … Read the rest


Harlem Restaurant Review: La Grange. Five Stars!

by Bohemia Agent Christopher Tefft

Just the other day I went on a date to La Grange – a new neighborhood bar and eatery located on 141st and Amsterdam. I’m an easy-going fellow when it comes to what to have for … Read the rest


Why I Love Being An Agent!

by Bohemia Agent Brian Letendre

I started my adult life off as a professional dancer and that was pretty much all I knew. It wasn’t until I attended a Christmas party while bored and injured I even considered a career in, … Read the rest


Did That Just Happen?

by Bohemia Agent Brian Collier   Life as a real estate agent in Harlem is full of great places, great people, amazing food, and certainly its share of adventure. "Adventure" is a very kind word for it. You never know… Read the rest

Trinity Church Cemetery’s Elusive Black History

by Bohemia Agent Andrew Ding

Trinity Church Cemetery, a bucolic swatch on the cusp of Harlem, is a deceptively rich canvas of black history. Its once-distinct “Colored Ground” has long vanished over time, yet the grounds still possess a hidden narrative of … Read the rest


Kismet Encounters!

by Bohemia Agent Beth Gittleman


New York City is always a balancing act!  Echoing the artistic culture of Bohemia Realty Group, I am also a realtor with an additional career in the theater.  When I started my career as … Read the rest



by Bohemia Agent Andrianna Kourdi


Although I have been living in New York City since 1996 I am not a native New Yorker.  I immigrated from Greece to study ballroom and latin dance.  When I was looking for a … Read the rest