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Common Real Estate Questions Revealed

By Bohemia Agent Daoud Heidami

Finding the right apartment can be overwhelming if you’re not prepared.  That’s where I come in!  Here is a list of some questions I’ve received throughout my real estate career.  Knowledge is power especially when … Read the rest


Myth Buster: The No Fee Apartment

By Bohemia Agent David McDaniel


  MYTH: You CAN’T use a real estate agent to find a No Fee Apartment. 

FACT: You Definitely CAN work with a real estate agent to find a No Fee Apartment. In fact, in … Read the rest


HOW TO BE A GOOD CLIENT (So You Can Get What You Want)

By Bohemia Agent Emily Ackerman

So many articles out there are focused on how to find a good broker to assist you with your real estate needs. You want someone who listens to you, responds quickly, and does what they … Read the rest


INSURENT: Another way to qualify for your very own lease!

By Bohemia Agent Dan Cohen

Look, we totally get it. Renting an apartment in NYC can be a royal pain. Finding an apartment you want to call home, in a neighborhood where you enjoy spending time, in a building that … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: Getting that darn security deposit back!

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Have you heard your friend’s horror stories of not getting their security deposits back? Unfortunately a lot of New Yorkers struggle with this after a big move. A lot of the time this is TOTALLY … Read the rest


#MovingWithMaria: She laughed, she cried. She moved in NYC.

By Bohemia Agent Maria Failla

Moving. A word New Yorkers dread almost as much as “bed bugs”. It’s stressful, expensive and in the summer…sweaty. As I spent the summer finding my clients their dream homes, I was also on the … Read the rest


Brian’s Nerdy Insights: Why pay the broker fee?

By Bohemia Agent Brian Letendre

Being that I’ve worked in real estate for several years now, the fee discussion has become very native to me.  It’s rare that a client of mine actually has all the information and only when … Read the rest


NO FEE Professional Service For Apartment Buyers

By Bohemia Agent Tim Heath

Being a real estate agent is a fitting career choice for people that embrace helping others. Spring/summer is the busiest season for apartment sales, so the rapidly flowing NYC marketplace is active with buyers and … Read the rest


Discover South Central Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Wendy Wood

I moved to Harlem in 2007 and never considered living anywhere else. Everyone thinks I live on Sesame Street.  It has been exciting to watch the transformation of boarded up brownstones now lovingly restored into … Read the rest


Is Mott Haven the New Williamsburg or Dumbo?

By Bohemia Agent Raymond Werdane

Let’s face it, lots of us don't know where Mott Haven is, but recently we have noticed some new listings come up in the area. These apartments have been fully gutted and renovated with condo style finishes. So clearly, … Read the rest


Making Sense of Small Spaces

By Bohemia Agent Peta Couzens

Photo Credit:

Having made the leap across the pacific to the land of plenty and the greatest city in the world, I was shocked to discover how my new friends and family were short … Read the rest


Artists of Harlem Past

By Bohemia Agent Jenny Taher

Walking around Harlem with its wide boulevards, pre-war buildings a mixture of ornate beauty that recalls Paris inspires romantic nostalgia of eras gone by.  Thinking of all the artists that sought refuge above 110th to … Read the rest


The First Sugar Hill: Hamilton Grange

By Bohemia Agent Matthew Green

Originally perched a top his sprawling 32 acre Harlem estate, Alexander Hamilton referred to The Grange as his “Sweet Home”.

Over the past Holiday weekend I had family in town and it’s always hard to … Read the rest



By Bohemia Agent Michaela Morton

Whether you’ve done your time on the rental scene, bought and sold in other markets, or are looking to make smarter investments with the money you’ve saved, now’s a great time to jump into the … Read the rest


Why I broke up with the Upper East Side and moved to Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Lindsay Nelms

Moving from anywhere to NYC can be a culture shock, especially when it comes to apartments. But I was prepared! I watched Sex and the City religiously and dreamed of one day moving to my fabulous … Read the rest


Magic in Harlem!

By Bohemia Agent Karen Cantor

Harlem is home to many legendary residents, present and past. One such luminary who resided uptown is the Budapest-born magician extraordinaire, Harry Houdini.

In 1904, at the height of his success, Houdini purchased a brownstone … Read the rest


Space, Price, and Location!

By Bohemia Agent Sam Kiernan

Everyday, I take different groups of clients out looking for all different types of apartments in many different neighborhoods in Uptown Manhattan. I always tell people, first and foremost, that I’m not a salesman but … Read the rest


Back To School With Bohemia: Why Use An Agent?

By Bohemia Agent Michaela Morton

When I first hit NYC, I was dedicated to finding a no-fee, no-broker, and (as I saw it) no-scam apartment. I had time and energy for the hunt, a tight budget, and a limited stash … Read the rest


Would You Like to Own a Home Someday?

By Bohemia Agent Kim Pettiford

I know you thought about it; being a homeowner. The American Dream. Well what’s stopping you? Is it because you think you don't qualify? The idea of owning a home can produce hopeful deliberation and … Read the rest


Bohemia Realty Group is featured in the Real Deal!

From “The Real Deal”

available online at

Broadway sleeps in Upper Manhattan Performers moving north get a helping hand from brokerages dominated by actors

June 01, 2014
By Zachary Kussin

From left: Sarah Saltzberg, Brian Letendre and Kathleen LaMagna… Read the rest


The Hunt for A Stabilized Apartment!

By Bohemia Agent Emily Ackerman

Working in Upper Manhattan, we have a ton of listings that are stabilized. You hear about this in the news a lot, or it is part of NYC lore—“My aunt has a stabilized apartment in … Read the rest


Walls ‘n’ All!

By Bohemia Agent Don Burroughs

When you walk in to your new apartment, you think PAINT!  But did you know that there are great temporary wallpapers available that are easy to put up AND easy to take down?

 Your security deposit … Read the rest


Why I Love Being An Agent!

by Bohemia Agent Brian Letendre

I started my adult life off as a professional dancer and that was pretty much all I knew. It wasn’t until I attended a Christmas party while bored and injured I even considered a career in, … Read the rest


Washington Heights is Booming!

by Bohemia Agent Brad Lassiter

It’s a strange feeling when you are moving in the city and have no idea where to go. Do you spend more in rent and get a smaller apartment in exchange for being further downtown? … Read the rest


95 Blocks of Harlem Will Get Free Public Wi-fi!

By BRG Friend Ruhi "Roo" Shamim

Harlem hit the headlines yesterday with major news:  thanks to a 5-year grant from the Fuhrman Family Foundation to the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, the neighborhood will be transformed to the nation's … Read the rest