Places to Eat

The Sweet Tooth Chronicles

The Sweet Tooth Chronicles

By Bohemia Agent Jill Ginsberg

A little nugget of wisdom: anyone who doesn’t like sweets can’t be trusted. Period. I believe in sugar. I stand by it. In moderation of course, and not the crappy sugar. I believe in sugar … Read the rest


Exploring East Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Gerald Couzens

Having grown up not too far south of East Harlem I was never really more than a train stop or two from its traditional border of 96th St. Because of that close proximity it is … Read the rest


Uptown Year-round: The Beauty of Manhattan’s Crown

By Bohemia Agent Erin Whitney

Out with the old, on with the new!

2016 is nearly upon us! In only a few more days we'll be crashing new gyms, making new promises, and – don't forget! – pinning up new … Read the rest


A Lazy Sunday Uptown

By Bohemia Agent Deanne Lorette

Picture Courtesy of YKOStudio

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon planned and want to do a little flea marketing?

One of my favorite spots is on the corner of 77th Street and Columbus Avenue. Every Sunday vendors … Read the rest


Inwood: I Love My Hood

By Bohemia Agent David Emerson

When I walk down the streets of Inwood I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be living here. Perhaps I am biased. I grew up here. My childhood memories are fond. But, … Read the rest


The Best ‘Hoods in Town

By Bohemia Agent Daphne Sun

And this is where I daresay: Uptown Manhattan!

Of course I'm being biased – I live and work Uptown. Duh.   But here's the advantage: Being naturally curious, I just had to check out all… Read the rest

A Little Reminder of Home

By Bohemia Agent Corey Wright

New York City, 8 million people, with 8 million stories. It’s inevitable that at some point in a conversation with new friends, co-workers or the “Norm!” of a local watering hole holding down the corner of … Read the rest


Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week!

By Bohemia Agent Chad Ackerman

It's Harlem Restaurant and Retail Week! Put on by Harlem Park to Park, an organization committed to preserving culture and to promoting small businesses and community development in Central Harlem!

It starts this Saturday August… Read the rest

In Comes Company… On Edgecombe!

By Bohemia Agent Cameron Hansel

To many, local businesses are everything in this city.  They often offer unique things that franchises & corporate businesses do not.  They also add charm & a sense of community to neighborhoods, especially when a … Read the rest


New South Harlem Date Night Spot

By Bohemia Agent Antonio Addeo

Last week my girlfriend and I along with our couple friends, Jessie and Duncan, decided to venture into the recently opened LuLu’s Taqueria located on 123rd Street and Manhattan Avenue.  Since we all like to … Read the rest


Life In The Wood (Inwood, of course)

By Bohemia Agent Erin Paul

I’m not really a city person. I don’t like crowds, noise, or overpriced food. If you told me four years ago that I’d end up living in New York, I would have laughed in your … Read the rest


Amsterdam’s “Restaurant Block” Welcomes a New Friend!

By Bohemia Agent Tucker Wheatley

If you've ever found yourself on Amsterdam Avenue by the very top of Morningside Park, you've probably come across this wonderful block of GREAT restaurants between 122nd and 123rd. If you've never been, go try… Read the rest

Moving On Up But Still Keeping the Budget Down

By Bohemia Agent Tarrie Alexis

When I moved to New York almost 10 years ago from my hometown in New Orleans, I knew this city was expensive, but I was going to make it work. That meant moving to Brooklyn … Read the rest


For the Love of Lido

By Bohemia Agent Susan Molloy

Harlem is blossoming all over with it's new restaurant scene that will only continue to grow. Upper Manhattan might just become the new "Hot Spot" as restauranteurs like Danny Meyers are being displaced due to astronomical … Read the rest


New Kids On The Block

By Bohemia Agent Shanna Sharp

Oh-oh-ohohoh oh-oh-ohoh oh-oh-ohohoh….the right stuff!

Ok so it’s not Joey Mcintyre or Donnie Wahlberg but Uptown has it’s own new kids on the block…. and they are tasty. 

Photo Courtesy of NY Eater

First up,… Read the rest

Eat, Play, Latte: One Man’s Search for Everything Across Sugar Hill, Hamilton Heights and Central Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Shaun Crossman

Sugar Hill is not just a delicious blonde ale made by Harlem Brewery, its also a beautiful and historic neighborhood between Central Harlem and Hamilton Heights. I was first introduced to the Hamilton Heights/Sugar Hill area … Read the rest


Uptown Funk

By Bohemia Agent Sam Quiggins

Harlem is no stranger when it comes to New York City's music scene. With staples such as the Apollo Theater and Minton's Jazz Club, it has long been revered for its "uptown funk". Today Harlem's night … Read the rest


Discover South Central Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Wendy Wood

I moved to Harlem in 2007 and never considered living anywhere else. Everyone thinks I live on Sesame Street.  It has been exciting to watch the transformation of boarded up brownstones now lovingly restored into … Read the rest


The Rebirth Of Washington Heights

By Bohemia Agent Rick Hernandez

In its history Washington Heights has changed significantly. But it is because of most recent changes that this neighborhood has generated a rebirth, and today it is one of the hottest neighborhoods to live. 

It is the … Read the rest


Is Mott Haven the New Williamsburg or Dumbo?

By Bohemia Agent Raymond Werdane

Let’s face it, lots of us don't know where Mott Haven is, but recently we have noticed some new listings come up in the area. These apartments have been fully gutted and renovated with condo style finishes. So clearly, … Read the rest


Magic in Manhattan Valley

By Bohemia Agent Peter Dagger

Not too long ago, I was paying a fortune to live in Midtown.  My apartment was a fifth floor walk-up above “The 24-Hour Tattoo and Bodywork Station” (which despite its name, did not actually offer … Read the rest


Play, Learn, and Grow in Harlem

By Bohemia Agent Patrick Frankfort

October 21, 2014.  A day that will remain one of the defining moments of my life:  I woke up a simple man with a super hero pregnant wife, and two off-the-wall dogs.  And I went … Read the rest


For The Love of Upper Manhattan!

By Bohemia Agent Mary Ann Lucas

Having met the love of my life while working overseas, I have spent the past year in a long distance relationship.  This holiday season we have the opportunity to spend a whole month together- … Read the rest


Why Not Tie the Knot Uptown?

By Bohemia Agent Kevin Santos

When I was a kid, I knew I would not be a knight in shining armor rescuing a princess from a tower. A storybook love affair didn’t seem written in the stars for me. However, … Read the rest


Give My Regards to Broadway’s Finest!

By Bohemia Agent Kathleen LaMagna

I’ve always been a big believer that moms make the best sandwiches. 

When I was in college and home for a vacation, my mom would never let me leave for the airport without making me … Read the rest