Places to Eat

A Weekend Stroll Up Lenox Ave

By Bohemia Agent Jeff Green

With the weather warming up and summer underway, weekend’s are a great time for families and individuals alike to take in all Lenox Ave has to offer.

Lenox Avenue between 117th and 130th offers a … Read the rest


Chill Berry!

By Bohemia Agent Elyse Grimes

As a Harlem native I've witnessed the changes. As economic, cultural, and racial lines blur gentrification has brought chain stores, 

celebrity chef-led restaurants and gourmet grocery stores to the "Hood" in droves.

While we've seen … Read the rest


The Rusty Mackerel

By Bohemia Agent Elizabeth Schein

There are plenty of perks living in NYC. The Theatre. Dance. Museums. And let’s not neglect to mention the Nightlife. But for me, one of the best perks is the FOOD! I am a gigantic … Read the rest


Uptown Keeps Getting Hotter and Hotter – Weather Soon to Follow?

by Bohemia Agent Dan Cohen

As many of you who read these blogs already know, upper Manhattan, especially on the west side, is exploding with new businesses and opportunities to experience all the incredible options NYC has to offer in terms … Read the rest


Washington Heights is Booming!

by Bohemia Agent Brad Lassiter

It’s a strange feeling when you are moving in the city and have no idea where to go. Do you spend more in rent and get a smaller apartment in exchange for being further downtown? … Read the rest


Harlem Restaurant & Retail Week

by Alexsis Nembhard

I grew up in East Harlem, which has the highest concentration of low income public housing in the country.  As a child, I recall walking with my mother to the posh Upper East Side neighborhood adjacent to … Read the rest


Vinateria’s The Basilisk

By BRG Agent Stephanie Cammarata

I have to admit, when it's time to enjoy a cocktail with friends, I'm a bourbon fan. While I know it isn't on everyone's list, I think many would be surprised by the superbly delicious … Read the rest


Gluten Free in Harlem

By Hollybeth Plowman

After January 1, 2013 I discovered I am gluten intolerant, in medical terms it is called Celiac disease.  What does that mean? Celiac disease is an autoimmune digestive disease that damages the villi of the small intestine … Read the rest



by Jhana Weekes

After a long hard day of New York real estate, I go to the Inwood Local to charge my cell phone. They have charges behind the bar! I order Shoe String French Fries & ask Sam what … Read the rest



by Jenny Taher

Last month, I went to Maison Harlem, a new corner bistro on 127th and St. Nicholas, for an afternoon coffee and a long overdue catch-up with a dear friend. New York being what it is — everyone … Read the rest



By Jeff Green

One of my favorite parts about working as a realtor in Harlem is being able to discover little hidden gems that not many people know about.  Not only by walking around neighborhoods, but by talking to people … Read the rest



by Caroline Cazes

So you found your perfect uptown apartment with that spacious kitchen that is the envy of all your downtown friends.  Naturally those friends are urging you to have them over, and eager to show off your new … Read the rest