Chill Berry!
Posted on May 12th,2014

By Bohemia Agent Elyse Grimes

As a Harlem native I've witnessed the changes. As economic, cultural, and racial lines blur gentrification has brought chain stores, 

celebrity chef-led restaurants and gourmet grocery stores to the "Hood" in droves.


While we've seen variety increase one thing was  missing. 

Frozen yogurt enthusiasts Jason and Tiffany Martin figured out what that was. They've  successfully opened  the first two stand-alone, self-service frozen yogurt shop in Harlem, Chill Berry, on Lenox Avenue between West 130 and 131st streets and Harlem Yo on 115th street & FDB.

The stores customers pay by weight and self serve. There's something for everyone with topping from fresh fruit to cheesecake bites.

Chill Berry has yogurt that doesn't have sugar added and some without lactose. The fat-free Mango Tango flavor has 80 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

Harlem Yo runs an after school special from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. that allows kids to get 10 ounces of yogurt and any three toppings for just $2.

Owner Tiffany Martin a Harlem Native says "we are here to cater to this community. Healthier eating can be for everyone".

It's rumored The Martins are in negotiations to open anther location near City College with hopes of urning the business into a franchise.

Check out Harlem Yo and chill :)


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