Come Visit Van Cortlandt Park!
Posted on August 25th,2014

By Bohemia Agent Josi Fernandez


Van Cortlandt Park is a 1,146-acre park located in the Bronx in New York City. It is the third largest park in New York City, behind Pelham BayPark and Staten Island Greenbelt. The park was named for Stephanus Van Cortlandt, who was the first native-born mayor of New York.

There are two nearby New York City Subway stations: the eastern side of the park is served by the Woodlawn subway station (4 train), and the western side by 242nd Street subway station (1 train).

Among the most popular attractions in the park is the Van Cortlandt Lake, the largest body of freshwater in the Bronx. Its upper basin can be appreciated from the Van Cortlandt Golf Course, which itself made history as the nation's first municipal golf course when it opened in 1895. Van Cortlandt Park is also home to the Van Cortlandt House Museum, Van Cortlandt Nature Center, and a number of amenities such as various sports fields, running trails, a multi-use stadium, a pool, an equestrian center, and a seasonal skating rink.



I happen to live in the area right off the Van Cortlandt Golf Course. Actually, the golf course is my backyard! I have the best of both worlds here: I have the shrubbery, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and all sorts of nature; nonetheless, I also have a lot of city life out here too. The city is a five-minute drive and an eight-minute train ride.


I welcome you to come and visit!  


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