Dog Friendly Harlem
Posted on June 23rd,2014

31 Cute Puppies That You Want To HugBy Bohemia Agent Jenny Fitch

Like many Harlemites, one of my main summertime joys is spending lots of time stepping out with my precious pup! Not only is my pet conveniently welcome at the very dog-friendly Bohemia office at 113th and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, he also gets to enjoy other dog-friendly establishments in the area.
Moving uptown has many great benefits for dog owners. There are many more pet-friendly buildings than there are downtown, and a higher proportion of big-dog friendly buildings. Riverside Park , Morningside Park, Marcus Garvey Park, St. Nicholas Park, Fort Washington Park, J.Hood Wright Park and Highbridge Park (both Washington Heights), Fort Tryon Park and Inwood Hill Park all feature dog runs, with safely fenced enclosures and scheduled on and off-leash times.

Restaurants like Lido and Bier and cafes like Double Dutch are happy to let your dog sit at the periphery of their outdoor seating areas for dinner or drinks, and if you absolutely must dine sans Fido, there are no fewer than 4 doggie daycare shops in 10026 alone that charge between $40/day for on-site babysitting and playtime and $80/night for boarding. I can personally recommend Montreal Pet Care– right next door to the Bohemia office, they offer a peaceful respite when man's best friend gets tuckered out apartment hunting!
Like fantastic personal trainers, acupuncturists and waxers, the best dog walkers have become hush-hush word-of-mouth lifestyle changers in Harlem, with phone numbers quietly passed during morning walks. For veterinary care, there are established clinics in Morningside Heights, Harlem, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights and Inwood . . . personally, I could not be more pleased with Dr. Kiani at Harlem Animal Hospital at 119th and Lenox, who always makes time to assess the fears of a worried walk-in.
If you have a dog and you're sick of only being able to look at 1 out of 6 apartments available south of 110th street, I highly suggest you take a look at the neighborhoods we happy pet owners have been raving about. It's just another great reason to move uptown!

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