Exploring East Harlem
Posted on January 4th,2016

By Bohemia Agent Gerald Couzens


Having grown up not too far south of East Harlem I was never really more than a train stop or two from its traditional border of 96th St. Because of that close proximity it is an area that never felt too far away to me. 

Today East Harlem has become one of the most sought after areas to call home in Upper Manhattan. Yet, the best part about the area is that it’s actually not that far up at all. Sitting above the Upper East Side and below Harlem, it gives residents excellent proximity to so much of the East Side of Manhattan, as well as Central Park and the East River.

The amazing resurgence of Upper Manhattan has brought with it so much, but East Harlem has had the good fortune to not only change with the times, but also retain much of its original charm and uniqueness. It is the perfect blend of the traditional and the very new, as the area has seen a big surge in new development, but is also home to some of the city’s most frequented and well known Latin restaurants.

There has been no larger development in the area, or more obvious example, of this blending of old and new than the East River Plaza. This multi story shopping center on 116th St. and Pleasant Avenue was built a few years ago and is home to the only Costco in Manhattan. With significant new foot traffic in the area because of its stores, East Harlem has been introduced to a multitude of new visitors on a daily basis.




Whether you are a resident or a visitor though, there is no question that the Conservatory Gardens is one of Central Park’s most scenic sections. Sitting on East 104th St. it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon outside. 



If you are looking for a new home and are trying to figure out an area to call your own, I would certainly recommend exploring East Harlem. I know that you will be very pleasantly surprised!

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