In Comes Company… On Edgecombe!
Posted on August 10th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Cameron Hansel1

To many, local businesses are everything in this city.  They often offer unique things that franchises & corporate businesses do not.  They also add charm & a sense of community to neighborhoods, especially when a local business is an “everybody knows your name” kind of place.  Company On Edgecombe is just that.

Located on the corner of 159th Street & Edgecombe Avenue, Billy Dove and Thomas Loughlin have a farm to table seasonal approach to their food, & have created a spot where you can stop by to get an outstanding cup of coffee, indulge in a made-from-scratch pastry, make it a brunch date, or even do dinner.  Anything is possible here and all roads lead to YUUUUMMM. 

Billy & Tom also know how to do a catered event the right way (at least that’s the word on the street), so you should probably have the number for their catering company (Company Catered Events) on speed dial for that next birthday party or wedding you are planning. 

Make this your next local “go to” spot in Washington Heights. You can thank yourself, Billy, & Tom when you get there.

An example of the ever-changing deliciousness:




“Did you come here for a pie, sir?” … This beats Mrs. Lovett’s, that’s for sure.




This is where I leave you…






*Pictures are a mixture of photos taken by moi &

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