Inwood Hill Park
Posted on August 3rd,2015

By Bohemia Agent Calvin Ahninwood hill park

It's amazing how much the neighborhood of Inwood has to offer. Great restaurants, Inwood Hill Park and the local hangouts that allow people to really bond with their neighbors. I've lived in this neighborhood going on five years and I love it more with each passing day. One feature of the neighborhood that I'm exploring more is Inwood Hill Park, which is only three blocks from where I live. 

Inwood Hill Park has the unique reputation of being the last remaining non-developed piece of forest in Manhattan. The park is composed primarily of wooded areas and hilly terrain. The park also contains fresh water springs and a salt-water marsh, the only salt-water march in Manhattan. The Hudson River provides the western border of the park and, also, provides a beautiful view of the Palisades in New Jersey. 
Legend has it that Peter Minuit, the man who was believed to have orchestrated the buying of Manhattan Island from the Lenape Indians for the Dutch, met with the Lenape in Inwood Hill Park to complete the transaction. (Oooo…history! Ha, you learned something!)
Inwood Hill Park has also played a huge role in my development as an actor. I became involved in the Inwood Shakespeare Festival back in 2003, where I performed in numerous Shakespearean and classical productions up until 2009. The festival continues to this day where Moosehall Theatre Company, the creators of the ISF, are completing their run of Henry IV. The shows take place on the peninsula near the Henry Hudson Bridge. During their evening performances, the beauty of the setting sun behind the bridge is truly a spectacular sight.
Inwood Hill Park is an excellent place where one can explore the park the entirety of a day and feel as if they've left the confines of modern life. The numerous trails where one can hike, walk, bike and explore provide a sense of adventurous freedom. One can never truly "get lost" in Inwood Hill Park but it's sure fun to try.


Inwood Hill Park: it's my neighborhood park. Check it out!

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