Inwood: I Love My Hood
Posted on November 9th,2015

By Bohemia Agent David Emersonft tryon

When I walk down the streets of Inwood I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be living here. Perhaps I am biased. I grew up here. My childhood memories are fond. But, now that I am back here with my wife and we are raising our beautiful daughter it is all clear to me. This unique gem that sits at the top of Manhattan is a very special place. Here are a few things that I love about Inwood.

Our history! You can see the roots of Inwood everyday as you walk through the forest of Inwood Hill Park. It is the last bastion of untouched territory in all of New York City. As you walk up the hiking trails you find vast rock formations and caves that date back to the prehistoric era. It will take your breath away. In addition to the amazing hiking trails, Inwood Hill Park has awesome playgrounds, a soccer field, basketball courts, baseball fields, barbecue areas and so much more. My daughter and I spend hours in this amazing park every week.

We are green! Literally! There is so much green space at the top of Manhattan. In addition to Inwood Hill Park we have Ft. Tryon Park (home to the Heather Garden, The Cloisters Museum and The New Leaf Café), Fort Washington Park on The Hudson River, Swindler’s Cove at Sherman Creek Park, Isham Park and The Muscota Marsh. If you are raising a family or a dog there is no shortage of space for you to roam. It is easy to forget that you are still in New York City.

Our cafes and restaurants! We are a neighborhood of immigrants and that means there is so much great food to choose from. I have a few favorite spots. The Indian Road Café sits right next to Inwood Hill Park and has a delicious farm to table menu. Elsa La Reina del Chicharron is the best Dominican food you will ever put near your lips. Trust me. Beans and Vines is a quaint little spot with great wine and yummy tapas. G’s Coffee Shop is a family owned Inwood staple that offers incredible Mexican food or even a stack of pancakes if you like. And if you are looking for a cozy spot to set up your laptop and sip a latte, Darling Coffee is the place.

Our Arts! We have a growing community of artists here in Inwood. Most notably is UP Theater Company who have been producing daring and challenging new plays over the past six years. They are a vital addition to the growing community of Inwood. Another great addition to our community is Bread and Yoga’s partnership with Scribble Art Workshop. They offer a vast array of art classes for both young and old including after school programs.

Our community! I am always engaged in conversation. At the Greenmarket on Saturdays, at my local pharmacy, at the grocery store, on the streets, at the park, or at the bank. It almost feels like a small town at times. People truly value what they have here in Inwood and there always seems to be a willingness to share that with others. It is often hard to find that these days.

I love my hood.

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