Kismet Encounters!
Posted on March 3rd,2014

by Bohemia Agent Beth Gittleman



New York City is always a balancing act!  Echoing the artistic culture of Bohemia Realty Group, I am also a realtor with an additional career in the theater.  When I started my career as a realtor in 2003, it was purely to support my artistic path.  Very soon after entering real estate though, I fell in love with it, which I was not expecting.  We all have our moment when we fell in love with NYC.  Whether it was seeing a Broadway show, walking in Central Park or for the first time feeling an unbelievable connection to the rest of the world.  Real Estate was one of the missing ingredients in my love affair with NYC I didn't know was missing.  What was I to do?  I knew that I had to figure out a way to balance both real estate and the arts.  Fast forward to 2010.  I get a phone call from one of my best friends saying in a matter of words, “we want to start a theater company, do you want to do this with us?”  It was out of the blue and made so much sense.  Having gathered a ton of business skills in my real estate career, the idea of starting something from the ground up and being a producer was exciting. 

So, off we went.  On April 24, 2010 we had our launch as The Harbor Lights Theater Company ( with a benefit honoring the famed Stephen Schwartz starring Malcolm Gets.  This year we enter our 5th season and since our inception have produced 14 plays and musicals and had over 70 Broadway professionals, including TONY, Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Drama Desk, and Obie Award winning and nominated artists on our stages. 

Fast forward again to last summer.  I had been working at a real estate company that wasn't a fit for me.  I knew about Bohemia and decided to meet with the brokers who founded it to see if maybe it was the right fit for me.  After I sat down with Jon and Sarah who own Bohemia, I felt like I fell in love with real estate all over again.  I had never in over 10 years in the business met people who worked like Jon and Sarah.  They had built an amazing company and I wanted to be part of it.  At the end of 2013, Jon and Sarah asked me to run and develop the sales division of the company.  I was so honored and excited by the opportunity and knew right away I would say yes. It is so exciting in Upper Manhattan and we love being a firm that services every need our clients have in true Bohemia style.  Since starting my new position I have spent more time with Jon and Sarah and everyday I am thankful for my career at Bohemia. It is Kismet for me to be working at a company that is finally a match for both my theater and real estate careers.  Oh, and one more thing.  Jon has a behavioral psychology background which is a foundation for how we work at Bohemia and I am also getting a degree concentrated in organizational psychology. Go figure!

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