Life In The Wood (Inwood, of course)
Posted on July 6th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Erin PaulIMG_1777

I’m not really a city person. I don’t like crowds, noise, or overpriced food. If you told me four years ago that I’d end up living in New York, I would have laughed in your face! I was living in a condo in Las Vegas, paying $375 for my own bedroom, bathroom, and granite counters… with two pools and a Jacuzzi behind my building. Seriously.

But life happens: I traveled, ended up meeting someone, and the draw of The City was too hard to resist. As lovely as my condo was, it wasn’t home. My family was back East, my partner was back East, and my love-hate relationship with the desert was on a hate swing. So I packed up my car, took one last look at the mountains, and drove to Jersey City.

(Yeah, okay, New Jersey isn’t New York, whatever. “Greater New York City Area”!  Happy?? )

After a year of commuting through the tunnel, our apartment didn’t seem like such a great deal.  I decided I’d rather sit underground in a subway than on a bus, and took the plunge into the NYC rental market.

The moment I visited Inwood, I knew I found our home. It’s the least “Manhattan” feeling neighborhood on the island. My concept of Manhattan was Midtown/Hell’s Kitchen, and I hadn’t realized there was a leafy green oasis of river vistas and woodlands a subway ride away. Inwood Hill Park is the last undeveloped forest remaining in Manhattan. Undeveloped, you say? YES!

IMG_2706I also love the small-town vibe up here. The deli guy Sam knows what I like for dinner, my partner’s breakfast order, and where my sister goes to college.  The guys at Tread Bike Shop have helped us get into cycling, and the waiter at Park View lets me plug in my computer behind the bar. People are friendly and welcoming, and we’ve even got an active Inwood Facebook group with events, helpful advice, and lots of community support for many endeavors.

Inwood’s character and charm are what got me into real estate! I decided to put my neighborhood enthusiasm to good use, and help others discover this beautiful neck of the woods.

Whether you’re seeking Inwood rentals, sales, or just a restaurant recommendation, get in touch! Find me @moveuptownnyc on Twitter and Instagram. 

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