Posted on June 9th,2014

By Bohemia Agent Hollybeth Plowman


New York City amazes me everyday!

From the people to the size of the rats and roaches. And of course the Real Estate. It is fascinating that people will pay $3000 a month to live in a closet studio, just so they can say, “ I live in the Village” or  “ I have a doorman building in the heart of Chelsea”. Is it seriously worth it? What a waste of money in my opinion. You also have to remember EVERYTHING in those areas is so over priced! Paying $10 for sandwich at a deli on 14th and 8th is a little silly. Come Uptown and you will save $6 on that late night snack next time. NYC can be AFFORDABLE but it can also suck the life out of your bank account, if you are not careful. That is why I live Uptown! I like to enjoy living in this city and I also like space. My nieces and nephews have bunk beds, hence their Auntie Holly and her roommate should not. I love my neighborhood Washington Heights. My apartment is huge!! And it doesn’t cost a small fortune to rent it. Downstairs I have 24 hour laundry, big grocery store and the subway stop. If I walk just a few blocks west I can enjoy the gorgeous sunset on the Hudson River under the George Washington Bridge. Score I win! A Hop and a skip away are some of the best restaurants in NYC. Dinosaur BBQ has been voted numerous times as the best BBQ in NYC. And yes this is my favorite restaurant in NYC; they are also mentioned in my last blog! You also have Red Rooster owned by chef Marcus Samuelsson, Chez Lucienne and Corner Social just to name a few. Are wondering yet who has lived or still lives uptown? Maya Angelou, Neil Patrick Harris, Houdini, President Barack Obama and More! With the most famous park in the world (Central Park) lining the start of Harlem at 110th street what more could you ask for! Uptown in my eyes has everything you could ever need, including convenience. 

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