#MovingWithMaria: Getting that darn security deposit back!
Posted on September 21st,2015

By Bohemia Agent Maria Faillakeep-calm-its-moving-day

Have you heard your friend’s horror stories of not getting their security deposits back? Unfortunately a lot of New Yorkers struggle with this after a big move. A lot of the time this is TOTALLY avoidable. Sometimes people just don't know what their landlord requires of them in order to recoup their security deposit. As we all know I moved this past month and learned a LOT. My roommates and I were determined to tackle this feat head on. Here are some tips I gathered from fellow New Yorkers and agents at Bohemia to help YOU on your next move. 


1)  Leave your apartment the way you found it. That means vacant and nothing in it. Budget time on moving day to return to your old apartment after you’ve successfully moved everything out and clean, clean, clean for 1-2 hours.

a.   Take all the remaining trash out.

b.   Mop and sweep floors.

c.    Patch holes in the wall larger than a dime with wall putty. Make sure you return all the walls to the color that they were when you moved in if you painted them dark or bright shades.

2)  Call your landlord or building manager ahead of time and go over what state the apartment needs to be in. Our landlord specifically said that our oven and refrigerator needed to be deep cleaned.

a.   Hire someone to do this for you. To cover all of our bases we hired a cleaning service (www.handy.com) to come after we were moved out to make sure our fridge and stove were cleaned and do a final cleaning of our bathroom. Each roommate was responsible for their own rooms. This was surprisingly affordable especially when costs were divided amongst roommates and totally worth it because at the end of a long moving day NONE of us wanted to take a hack at that stove.

3)  Organize a walk through. Most landlords will arrange a walk through of your apartment with you and either your super or the building manager. This is a great opportunity for you to gage if you will get your security deposit back based off of what they say. Having a representative IN PERSON to discuss whatever damage does or does not exist in your apartment is much better than trying to get someone from a landlord’s office on the phone.

a.    In our walk through with our super, he opened a part of the stove we didn’t even know opened and said if we didn’t clean it, the landlord would charge us. So we sure cleaned it! That walk through with him, and a quick scrubbing under a vent saved us massive cleaning charges the landlord would have deducted from our security deposit! Your super and landlord aren’t out to get you, you just need to work with them to make sure the apartment is in the best state possible. They are going to want to start showing it as soon as you move out, so if you help them make that possible by leaving it clean (obviously with the exception of new paint which they are responsible for) they will have no reason to withhold your security deposit.

4)  Take photos or video of every room once it’s spic and span. That way you have proof incase your landlord tries to charge you for something that wasn’t right. Cover all your bases!

I hope these tips help you!

Interested in moving in Upper Manhattan? Email me at maria@bohemiarealtygroup.com and let’s talk about finding you your next dream apartment and making it as stress free as possible. 

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