New South Harlem Date Night Spot
Posted on July 13th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Antonio Addeo1

Last week my girlfriend and I along with our couple friends, Jessie and Duncan, decided to venture into the recently opened LuLu’s Taqueria located on 123rd Street and Manhattan Avenue.  Since we all like to consider ourselves advanced Foodies you better believe we came, we ate, and we got… a little tipsy.

We walked into LuLu’s and immediately thought what a cool looking place! The upstairs area was lively and bustling. The host, who I don’t think even knows what a frown is, sat us at an awesome corner table down stairs, which was much quieter and better suited for conversation. 

Our smiling server came to our table, and her energy was fantastic! She recited the specials and asked us for a drink order. Naturally, I made a really lame joke and she laughed at it, obviously she knew just how to make us feel welcomed.

My girlfriend (who broke up with tequila a few years back) and Jessie started out with a delicious strawberry margarita made with fresh strawberry purée, Duncan ordered a mojito that brought me back to my summer spent in Miami, and I opted for a not so sweet cocktail called The Spicy Mexican. I’m a sucker for a spicy cocktail! Anything with muddled cucumber, lime, and jalapenos COUNT ME IN, and I appreciate that they used Peligroso blanco.


Photo from Lulu’s Taqueria Website

Once our deliciously made drinks came out, we ordered two appetizers that we thought were a must and sounded easy to share. Their guacamole is addictive to the MAX. I personally, had to check myself a couple of times and remind myself that friends who like each other share. Also, I strongly suggest getting the chorizo chipotle queso, which had the perfect amount of spice and was SUPER ooey gooey on the cheese front.

I’m going to pause for a second to say that at no point during our fun and exciting meal did we feel rushed, or that we had to hurry. The server was very attentive always came to check on us to see if we needed anything. 

Put your shades on because service for this place gets five of the brightest gold stars I can give.

ENTRÉES UP! Our meal made every fiber of my being happy. It was amazing!

Our friend Duncan, who is currently finishing up with culinary school, was amazed with all the delicious flavors, and how colorful the plates were. 


Photo from Lulu’s Taqueria Website

We got:

 ***If you ordered any of these you would not at all be disappointed in the least**

Crab and Shrimp Tacos

Pulled Pork and Pineapple Tacos

Seared Tuna Taco

Shrimp and Fish Combo

Carne con Chimichurri Fiesta


Everything was truly wonderful.

After having several more cocktails, whoopsie daisy, I had taken Duncan’s lead and switched to a Mojito, after tasting my girlfriend’s Passion Fruit Purée Margarita, I made another switcharooni to have one of those.

All the cocktails and food at Lulu’s Taqueria surpassed all of our expectations. 

At the end of out time at Lulus our server came over with shots for all of us and thanked us for coming and dropped off the check. 

The best part of the evening was that it absolutely didn’t break the bank for us all to go and enjoy the atmosphere our friends and the neighborhood. If you haven’t gone to Lulu’s Taqueria I say what are you waiting for!?!


In fact I’m shouting at you to GO and experience amazing service amazing cuisine and realize you didn’t have to go below 110th street for it.

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