NO FEE Professional Service For Apartment Buyers
Posted on May 26th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Tim Heathfor-sale-sign

Being a real estate agent is a fitting career choice for people that embrace helping others. Spring/summer is the busiest season for apartment sales, so the rapidly flowing NYC marketplace is active with buyers and sellers.

One of the most misunderstood aspects of the real estate business occurs when one is seeking to purchase an apartment. Many people, especially first time buyers, are not aware that there is no cost to work with a buy agent to manage the process in locating and purchasing an apartment. Buy agents provide expertise in navigating the road from locating apartments, submitting qualified offers, managing counter offers or bidding wars, submitting board packages and coordinating closings. Buy agents play a critical role in communications and providing trusted and professional insights to their clients’ when purchasing apartments. It is important to note that in almost every transaction the brokerage service fee is paid by the seller at the closing, so there is no cost to engage the expertise of buy agents.

The ultimate compliment to any real estate agent is a referral; so, if you, friends, family and/or colleagues are considering purchasing an apartment in New York, reach out to brokers that you know and trust and engage them as buy agents.

Enjoy the spring/summer season as it is a beautiful time of year!

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