SIZE DOESN’T MATTER: Throw an UNFORGETTABLE holiday party in your Uptown apartment
Posted on November 30th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Don Burroughs

Don’t shy away from hosting a fabulous holiday soiree just because your square footage rivals the number of guests you can invite. Here are a few tips to make it SWING!!

1. Think of your space in a new way! Your sink filled with ice can easily double as a cooler (or your bathtub, if you are feeling adventurous). 


2. Move your furniture into interesting shapes to create conversation pits. Pillows on the floor are a great way to make up extra seating. Be Bold! Put all your furniture in your bedroom and have nothing but open space. Dance party anyone?


3. Let’s be honest, everyone want’s to be in the kitchen anyway so cover the walls in butcher’s paper and have Sharpee’s on hand, VOÍLA, instant art!


4. PUT A LABEL ON IT! To avoid a pile of glasses to clean up at the end of the night, encourage guest to label their drinks. We all love a Sharpee on a solo cup but why not claim your beer in an interesting way?


5. Use walls and ceiling! Want your emptied space to feel festive? Bring out the Christmas lights and Command Strips to string them up without worrying about the nail holes. It will be a magical Funky Fairy land!


6. Get to know your neighbors with a progressive party! The idea is that each host plans a different course or section of the party, and the party moves from apt to apt. Thankfully, we walk everywhere as New Yorkers so drinking and driving between parties is NOT a problem!


7. Bribe your neighbors!! Let’s be honest. It’s going to get loud. If you aren’t going to invite your neighbors to come (Who knows? That senior downstairs could have a story that will be the life of your party!) be sure to drop off lovely notes to warn your neighbors that it might get a bit festive. Be sure to include a bribe (I mean gift) of cookies or wine or whiskey.  As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.


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