Space, Price, and Location!
Posted on September 3rd,2014

By Bohemia Agent Sam Kiernan


Everyday, I take different groups of clients out looking for all different types of apartments in many different neighborhoods in Uptown Manhattan. I always tell people, first and foremost, that I’m not a salesman but a guide and a teacher. Our job is not to SELL you on apartments, as everyone has his or her own instincts and intuition, but to help you fine tune those instincts because as we all know in NY real estate, the early bird gets the worm.

First of all, there are always three normal wants that everyone has and they are Space, Price, and Location.  For some people, space is at the absolute top of their list, because they have so much furniture or because they love to have dance parties with all their friends every weekend and that is what makes them happy. Others are only worried about price as they are on the strictest of budgets (who isn’t really) and want to be able to sleep at night knowing the rent will be paid on time. Finally, Location to some is everything and we all understand why because walking out your front door and grabbing a cup of coffee across the street feels so good.

18166_1408481543With all this mentioned, we all know that even with the biggest budget, it is very difficult to get everything you want.  You should take the time before you look and think hypothetically about which of the three you could possibly compromise on should you have to. This will prepare you for that HUGE apartment in that AMAZING neighborhood but is just $200 over your desired budget, or that incredible steal that has all the space you want but was just a little higher uptown than you originally wanted to go.

When looking at apartments, I think a good way of becoming aware of how much you like an apartment is thinking of how upset you’d be if you lost it. Most people who have apartment hunted in NYC know what it’s like to lose a great apartment, moments before trying to apply for it. If you think it’s incredible, most likely everyone else does too.

Basically what I’m saying is trust your gut feelings and when they think you could be really happy in the apartment you’re looking at, go immediately into decision making mode. Is it a yes or a no?  Try as hard as you can to be decisive, as those who are tend to really get what they wanted in the first place. It’s always heart breaking when you see clients find exactly what they’re looking for but continue to look more for an even better place and then realize that the apartment they saw earlier was perfect, but has already rented.

There’s a learning curve especially as a first time NY renter and I hope this can help you.


In short… Trust Your Gut Feeling and know that there are gems out there and when you find them, make sure not to throw them away.

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