The Best ‘Hoods in Town
Posted on October 19th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Daphne Sun

And this is where I daresay: Uptown Manhattan!

Of course I'm being biased – I live and work Uptown. Duh.
But here's the advantage: Being naturally curious, I just had to check out all the neighborhoods when I first got hired by Bohemia. I have my favorites, of course, but I wouldn't want to taint your innocent choices with Daphnenated opinions. 
So today, I'll be laying out the key points of the five biggest Uptown neighborhood pockets, after which you can decide for yourself which neighborhood potentially best fits you.

inwood hill park

Inwood is like a tiny town in a big city. It's communal in some ways – lots of Mom 'n' Pop shops littered around, although you are not alien from some of the bigger companies as well like CVS and Sleepy's. Because Inwood is located at the tip of Manhattan, the neighborhood isn't super big, so everything you need is close to where you are. Gyms, New York Public Library, Post Office, etc. The bonus? You are right by Inwood Hill Park and Fort Tryon Park if you ever need to get out for some nature. Living in Inwood, you get the best of both worlds.
Inwood also hosts the more affordable apartments in Upper Manhattan. Take that, Brooklyn!

Fort George/Hudson Heights
If you want a bigger piece of nature and lots of quiet downtime, Fort George/Hudson Heights is for you. This hilly neighborhood definitely work your legs good if you care to explore their hilly parks with stairs that resonate walking up to a sacred temple. Around Fort Washington/Cabrini Ave is where you get to stare down at cars silently rolling by the expressway, and mock at how puny they look compared to the majestic view of the river just beside the highway.
Oh, and not forgetting The Cloisters. You don't need a time machine to go back to the Medieval times, since stepping into history is essentially a few steps away. Don't forget that sword and armor, fellas.
urlWashington Heights
A slightly bigger version of Inwood, Washington Heights also has everything you need in one place, and caters to everyone. Lots of local stores around, and supermarkets are essentially within a ten block radius. La Rosa is a cute, quaint supermarket worth checking out. Up for healthy food? Pick & Eat on 177th and Broadway will be your second home. Their smoothies are also amazing.
Move up a little higher and you have Fort Tryon Park for some awesome nature. Yeah, you will be sharing the park with some Inwood rez. Welcome to New York, where sharing is the new culture :)
East Harlem
If you want to be closer to town but don't need the hustle and bustle of Central/West Harlem, this neighborhood is for you. With lots of local grocers, shops, spas, coffeeshops and restaurants littered with some of the bigger stores (i.e. Payless ShoeSource), you can essentially find most things you need within a ten block radius. With the 2nd Ave line hopefully coming up (now that the governor and the mayor have recently decided to fund most of MTA's needed deficit budget:, you might be spoilt for choice with subway lines in the near future, so you don't have to be jealous of West/Central Harlemites anymore.
East Harlemites also have the advantage of Target, Costco and other awesome shops on 117th and 1st Ave. 
Harlem (West/Central/South)appollo-harlem
Harlem is a vibrant neighborhood, and the conglomeration of culture fused with neighborhood reformation is definitely something not to be missed. Succumb those hunger pangs by feasting on the various cuisines found on the famed Harlem Restaurant Row on Frederick Douglass Boulevard; dance, lose, cry and laugh yourself senseless to the programs at The Apollo Theatre or movies at the AMC on 124th St; or take a leisure stroll to Central Park – you can also choose to gait along Morningside Park on the way there. 
Or you can do all three if you choose to live here.
With everything right at your doorstep, it's no wonder this neighborhood has been the most up-and-coming of late. You are spoilt for subway lines no more than five blocks away in either direction. The hustle and bustle almost makes it seem like mini Times Square. Almost. The only difference is you have a few parks to hang out to your liking. Like, actual parks. 
No, Bryant Park is not an actual park. As much as one hates to admit it, it's a pseudo-park catered specially for tourists. Morningside Park is an actual park. You know it's an actual park when you see baby geese running away from you.
And…there you have it. My little spiel on the best neighborhoods in town. Although, "best" is quite arbitrary, really. So what you need to do now is pick an agent from the team, give 'em a call and ask them to show you around. Most of us live in the area, so you know you're in good hands when we take you out apartment shopping. Make sure you have some cash handy before you call because, well, we need to eat too. smiley

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