The First Sugar Hill: Hamilton Grange
Posted on December 1st,2014

By Bohemia Agent Matthew Green


Originally perched a top his sprawling 32 acre Harlem estate, Alexander Hamilton referred to The Grange as his “Sweet Home”.

Over the past Holiday weekend I had family in town and it’s always hard to keep my father cooped up in an apartment. So we set out to explore some history of my Harlem neighborhood. He’s a sucker for National Parks and Museums, the Hamilton Grange being both.

Now located at the intersection of W 141st Street and Hamilton Terrace, this is the 3rd and final resting place for the home. The best approach is by strolling from the South through Saint Nicholas Park as it starts to bring you back in time to what area resembled in the late 1700’s. 


Hamilton commissioned architect John McComb Jr, to design the home in the Federal-Style. Another important wok of McComb Jr. is the Old City Hall down by the Brooklyn Bridge. Completed in 1802, Hamilton’s Grange had a short lived but vibrant run while he was still alive; entertaining many important guests and offering a quiet + serine atmosphere for his family to enjoy. 

We had a nice informative experience at the museum this past weekend, bringing out the staple  “hmm’s” and “how about that’s’” from my father. Next time you’re in the mood for a great history lesson and first hand experience to how one of our founding fathers experienced Harlem, I recommend visiting the Hamilton Grange.









414 W 141st Street


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