The Gremlin that Sabotaged My Egg Toss
Posted on August 4th,2014

By Bohemia Agent John Ruocco

Two weeks ago marked the first official (and hopefully – annual) BRG field day in beautiful Morningside Park.jr1

AS a rule, company picnics are something I have actively avoided, but this time, I decided to put aside my New York cynicism and begrudgingly drag my sorry caboose to the Bar-B-Que pit.

I am not one to admit my lapses in judgment – but boy was I wrong!  Besides the delicious and surprising healthy offerings brought in by my the closet master chef colleagues, the energy, camaraderie and all around good cheer of the event made me realize what an exceptional company and group of colleagues I am lucky enough to work with everyday.

That said, as a real estate professional, part of the industry is the cut-throat competition among agents and although I don’t see it much in the day to day business environment at Bohemia, it freely flowed during the field events that marked the day.

My heart is still pounding from the real estate inspired relay race.   The shrieks from the softball game still ring in my ears.  However the worst and most stressful event was by far, the dreaded egg toss – an event that lasted at least one half an hour and brought to mind the London Games of 2014.   My freakishly long fingers made me a top contender had it not been for the face-painted 11 year old gremlin who made it his mission in life to knock me out of the competition.  The shattered egg yolk stained both my ego and tank top so keep your eyes open at your next Harlem .picnic.  He’s still out there ready to ruin your chances – BEWARE!


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