The Rebirth Of Washington Heights
Posted on February 23rd,2015

By Bohemia Agent Rick Hernandezneighborhood113

In its history Washington Heights has changed significantly. But it is because of most recent changes that this neighborhood has generated a rebirth, and today it is one of the hottest neighborhoods to live. 

It is the neighborhood residing below Inwood, the most northern tip of the island of Manhattan.  But don't let that fool you. Thanks to the close proximity to public transportation it has you in midtown in approximately 20 minutes (one of my clients timed it!).  Another of its most inviting traits is that it gives a sense of abundance for its multiple parks, surrounding cafes, shops, restaurants, and most important of all … living space! It shares Bennett, Fort Tryon, Fort Washington, Gorman, Harlem River, Highbridge, Isham, and Inwood Hill Parks. These attracts for weekend walks, picnic lunches, BBQ on holidays and so many activities to choose from. The neighborhood is also comprised of multiple renovated prewar and postwar buildings that offer more space than can be found in lower neighborhoods in Manhattan. And, it is suitable to mention that it offers some of the most affordable rents available in the borough. Combine all of this with hot new and veteran establishments that give this neighborhood the quintessential "IT" factor. What are some of these hot spots you ask? 

Here are just a few: 


1.  DISTRICT 12 located @ 4892 Broadway 

This is one of my favorite spots for a Sunday brunch, weekday diner, or lunch while in between appointments.  The food selection is great and I love that there are multiple places to choose where to enjoy your meal.  I enjoy the outside garden area the best!  Try the BBQ pulled chicken slider and get back to me.    








2.  HEIGHTS TAVERN located @ 3910 Broadway

After the workday is over, I want to relax, watch a good game and enjoy some comfort food; this is the place for me!  Amazing atmosphere, finger licking good entrees, and a vast drink selection. I love the Chargrilled Turkey Burger! Order one and you will too.








3.  MAMAJUANA CAFE located @ 247 Dyckman Street

I lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where they have a location and they take me back every time I stop over.  Simply great food!  I cannot give you just one suggestion, as I love multiple menu choices and they also have a la carte option.  You will give your taste buds an incredible experience once you stop by.       








4.  THE CHIPPED CUP located @ 3610 Broadway 

If you are looking for atmosphere, attentive service, and just a darn good cup of coffee, this is the place!  I love sitting back checking my e-mail, sitting inside or in the garden area, and having my pick me up!  They have a great selection of organic brews and teas.  I usually go for the Soy Chai Latte.  Come over and choose your regular. 






5.  TRYON PUBLIC HOUSE located @ 4740 Broadway 

Although this is the new kid on the block, it had definitely made an impact on me.  I was invited by friends and I loved it!  First of all, it was jam-packed and we still got our food in a prompt amount of time.  I had the Brisket Cheesesteak.  Have mercy!  Great selection in drinks as well.  Definitely a must to check out. 







Have a taste to view or experience works of art while in the area visit:

 THE CLOISTERS located @ 99 Corbin Drive







Overall, Washington Heights offers much more than you could have thought and has been a secret that can no longer be kept.  Come and take a gander for yourself and prepare to be amazed by what's been sitting in your neck of the woods.  

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