Unity Garden
Posted on June 15th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Wendy Woodgarden

To a girl who spent the majority of my youth living on a farm in Oregon moving to Harlem – NYC in general – was a big change for me.  I remember one night after literally (yes, used in the correct sense of the word) fighting my way through my neighborhood PathMark, I started to cry on my way home.  I told my husband “why does everything need to be so difficult here?  All I want is a fresh tomato!”

Eight years later I proudly call Harlem my home and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I also joined my community garden.  Unity Garden is really a set of three gardens that run along 128th Street through the block to 129th Street between 5th Avenue and Lenox.  There are about 50 families that each have a small plot where each family can grow anything they please.  Everyone works together, as a community and local residents get the opportunity to make friends, learn gardening tips and share the news of what is happening in the neighborhood as well. 

Members come and go, some stay for a generation- but one thing in common, every growing season, everyone shares flowers, herbs, berries and even, yes, fresh tomatoes!


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