Uptown Funk
Posted on March 9th,2015

By Bohemia Agent Sam Quiggins


Harlem is no stranger when it comes to New York City's music scene. With staples such as the Apollo Theater and Minton's Jazz Club, it has long been revered for its "uptown funk". Today Harlem's night scene still lives up to the hype with a variety of clubs and music venues offering a wide range of music genres. One of Harlem's more modern music gems is The Shrine World Music Venue.

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The Shrine has been making its mark in Harlem's music scene since 2007 when it first opened. Located at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. (Between 133rd and 134th St.), The Shrine lives up to its name as a "World Music Venue" with an array of music and entertainment that successfully caters to a neighborhood with a very diverse demographic. It offers a bar and restaurant setting with a ceiling lined with album covers, that is a cafe by day and lounge by night. It also houses a recording studio and stage space used for anything from art exhibitions to comedy shows as well as its many music performances. With a jam packed event calendar (http://shrinenyc.com/calendar.php), The Shrine has something to offer every night of the week.

The Shrine's menu adds to the atmosphere with a diverse range of dishes and drinks that'll tempt any palate. Patrons are offered a wide variety of goods with food titles like the Jerusalem Toast or Afro Chicken, and drink specials such as the Muslim Jew or NYC Made. The Shrine's commitment to accommodate a diverse crowd gives way to some truly unique menu items.

The musical talent here also does NOT disappoint. The Shrine is a hot spot in a neighborhood rich with great live music. Its variety of performances makes it an easy repeat visit as you're sure to find a different show almost every night. This place is the full package when looking for that next night out! Check out their webpage at www.shrinenyc.com.

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