Uptown Year-round: The Beauty of Manhattan’s Crown
Posted on December 21st,2015

By Bohemia Agent Erin Whitney

Out with the old, on with the new!

2016 is nearly upon us! In only a few more days we'll be crashing new gyms, making new promises, and – don't forget! – pinning up new CALENDARS! Lucky for us, we Northern dwellers have scores of gorgeous landscapes lending themselves to the twelve-spread, so I say DIY! 

Here are my own 12 fav featured photos, look to them for hints on where to go at any time of year to drink in the beauty of Northern Manhattan. Ahhhh…
1. January. Open skies! An extra perk in winter when there's not always a full day of light. This photo was taken from a sun-soaked 5th floor balcony in Washington Heights. 
2. February. Bouquets on Broadway! This iconic street is like the yellow brick road to anything one desires in the Heights neighborhoods. I follow it for everything from burger cravings to decorative centerpieces. Fresh flowers are a year round thing, garnished here with snow in February. 
3. March. Pot o' gold on Fort Washington. This Avenue, just West of Broadway is one of my favorite streets to frequent when apartment hunting. The apartments are large, often luxurious and boast of elevator/laundry!
4. April. Recreation station! This sports-friendly zone at City College is but one example of the glorious green Upper Manhattan serves up. The Hudson River Greenway, Fort Tryon and Saint Nicholas Park are but a few more.
5. May. Why hello, Hyacinth! We witness hints of spring before anyone else uptown in the land of planters. This particular flowerbed was found on the Upper West Side at an elegant building by Riverside Drive.
6. June. Young love! You may be surprised to find that this photograph was in fact not taken in Central Park but in one of Manhattan's best kept secrets, Inwood Hill Park. The area offers an easy express train commute to midtown, begging the question, why doesn't everyone in new york live here?!
7. July. Kid central. We worry these days about our kids getting enough fresh air and exercise, and finding local places to set them loose can be tough. Naturally, it helps when the NYPD blocks off your entire street, which they do for select stretches in the Heights during summer months. 
8. August. The upscale "sandlot." This one is in Inwood Hill Park, but speaking of baseball, did you know Yankee Stadium is only 23 minutes from Times Square on the D train? Look out for these South Bronx neighborhoods in the next few years!
9. September. Farmers' markets, more than a few. Way less crowded than downtown, with all of the goodies and kind customer service. Some vendors have farm shares they offer all year long as well, a convenient way to keep on top of your fruits & veg, and an affordable means of making nutrition a social activity if you join with friends and neighbors.
10. October. Pet-topia! There is nowhere in NYC more comfortable for your furry friends than Upper Manhattan. Miles of walking trails and hundreds of animal-friendly landlords, pet stores and dog runs abound. Bohemia believes in loving up pets so much that we even host seasonal Adopt-athons in partnership with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals and Bideawee. Keep your eyes peeled for posts on the one coming up! 
11. November. The Hudson River Greenway absolutely knocks it out of the Park (and onto the water)! BBQ pits, playgrounds, tennis courts, bike trails, volleyball, baseball, soccer, rollerblading, stroller-rolling…or if you're anything like me just lay down your your yoga mat and zen by the water. I'm biased towards the stretch of the greenway that spans from my favorite brunch place Le Cheile on 181st to my own neck of the woods on 158th, this is an exceptionally lovely walk.
12. December. Coffee in comfort. If I had a nickel for every "cozy" coffee house or cafe hangout downtown where I'd walked away fleeing noise and overcrowding, I'd be rich. Grateful to always find at least one or two seats open in trendy, friendly, clean, social – oh, and did I say delicious?! – spaces Uptown. For starters, check out Cafe Frederick Harlem Parlor, The Chipped Cup, Sugar Hill Cafe, Filtered, Lenox Coffee, Taszo Espresso Bar, and Double Dutch Espresso. Added bonus, the later shares a wall with the ever-popular beer & bourbon bar known as Mess Hall on 118 & Frederick Douglass Blvd.
I'm happy to answer any and all inquiries on our beautiful Uptown, and please feel free to email if you'd like to land a copy of the calendar. :)

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